Choosing A Good Singapore Courier Company

Picking a good courier services company (e.g. for your company’s needs and requirements is a very important task for you, because couriers are usually tasked to courier and handle very important items and documents on behalf of other companies. This is especially the case when it comes to law firms and medical companies, where the items are of high significance (among several other companies and industries as well).

Here are some advice on helping you pick the ideal courier company for your company’s needs.

  1. First of all, most companies will only courier documents and items which needs to be urgently delivered to the recipient within the same day or perhaps within 1 or 2 hours. Items (parcels or documents) without any time constraints would usually be delivered by a personnel from the company or mailed out by snail mail since there is no urgency. If this sounds like what your company needs, then make sure to go with a same day as well as urgent courier delivery company in Singapore, and not a mass distribution or E-commerce distribution company, as they usually perform deliveries over the next 3 days (at any working hour in between the next 2-3 working days). This is very important. Companies like PCA Masters, Regent, e.t.c. would be suitable for you.
  2. Next of all, it’s very easy to compare rates and reviews of companies online. In my opinion, reviews are the most important when it comes to courier services (because of the high importance of the items being couriered and delivered on behalf of most firms), while rates come in a very close second. Why do I think that reviews are important? This is because most websites and firms will say how they’re the number 1, but in reality, what customers think is the most important. If a company states they’re the number 1, but reality says otherwise, then it wouldn’t be too wise of a decision to go and outsource your courier deliveries with that particular Singapore courier firm.
  3. Third of all, it’s ideal that you test out the services of a particular Singapore courier company first before actually engaging them. This is because you want to make sure that they’re on time, keep to their service standards and have a relatively fast customer support turnaround time. The last thing you want to do is to dive into a partnership with a local courier firm with horrible punctuality and more than terrible customer service.

Alright, with the above tips, you should do great in finding yourself a good Singapore courier company for your deliveries.

Singapore Van Deliveries Versus Motorbikes

There are some differences between local van deliveries and motorbike deliveries in Singapore. Other than the simple fact that the vehicle used for delivery is different, there are also some prices and features of these services which are different, and which you might want to take note of.

  • First and foremost, for courier services in Singapore, van deliveries are usually meant for deliveries of bulkier items which a motorcycle is usually unable to transport, and examples of such items are things such as printers. A motorbike courier will definitely not be able to deliver printers in Singapore as it would be far too bulky to be placed in the box at the back of the motorcycle. Hence, vans are usually used for such deliveries in Singapore.
  • Secondly, you should know that there is such a thing as COE in Singapore. Because COE for different vehicles such as vans versus motorbikes are different, this means that the leasing or purchasing of a van is significantly more expensive than that of a motorbike. To deal with these costs, most courier companies in Singapore will instead charge higher prices for any deliveries which require a van to transport the item instead. Vice versa, document deliveries and/or deliveries conducted by couriers on bikes would generally be cheaper.
  • Third of all, motorbikes are generally more efficient in terms of delivery speed if speed is your main concern. This is because they are able to zigzag in between traffic and cars. This means that they can reach their destination fast even in heavy traffic conditions. Additionally, there are more places for them to park their motorbikes compared to a van. This is especially the case for deliveries within the Central Business District (CBD) areas of Singapore like Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar.

The above are some of the main differences between that of courier services rendered by a deliveryman in a van versus that on a bike in Singapore. Hopefully that helps you understand the courier services levels in Singapore better.

Exploring A Career in Singapore’s Logistics Industry

Are you piqued by the allure of working in one of the busiest industries in South-East Asia and Singapore? Then logistics is a must go to career path for you! Even though Singapore is known for its vast financial services, the volume of logistics business that flows through it is vastly greater and powers most of Singapore’s entire GDP. After all, one of the key reasons why Singapore is financially successful is because it is used as a shipping port by many companies around the world, and used as a logistics headquarter to deliver goods into various parts of South-East Asia.

In my opinion, the logistics and delivery industry is one of the most interesting ones ever, and is quickly being forced to develop better and quicker solutions. This is because the volume of products and goods that needs to get sent in this Internet-enabled age is increasing at a near exponential rate.

If you’re a person who cannot take stress, then perhaps deliveries, courier services and logistics is not suitable for you. It’s a very fast paced and competitive industry, and only the very best and dominant can survive in it – both companies and employees.

In any case, you might want to hear it from people on the ground, check out the video below.

As you can see, Singapore has tons of goods flowing through and within it every single day. If money never sleeps on Wall Street, logistics never sleep in Singapore. People work throughout the day and night in this busy and fun environment. There is nothing more exciting than logistics, and a career in this area would definitely be a tough challenge for many newcomers and business executives in small to large firms. The above video is a series of 5 films, so you might to check all of them out before making your decision. Hope we helped!

If you want to work at a local courier company, try PCA Masters, they offer pretty good benefits to their employees! Check them out here:

Singapore Courier Services For Companies And E-commerce

Most good courier companies like recognize the importance of speed and convenience of courier services for regular companies, and low prices for E-commerce companies.

Regular company deliveries

Many regular companies that utilize courier services in Singapore do so because of the sheer convenience (they do not need have their own dispatch rider or ask an employee to spend his working time delivering goods or documents instead) and most of these documents are relatively urgent and needs to be delivered to a certain location or locations within a timely fashion. It is important to use courier services instead of getting your staff to deliver items for a myriad of reasons. There is an opportunity cost whenever you get your staff to go out. If you were to get a salesperson to deliver goods themselves, they would have wasted precious time that they could have put to use calling more people and getting more sales. If you were to get an administrative or operations staff to deliver it, you would be slowing down operations slowly over time! And if you were to deliver the documents yourself and spend a total of over 1 hour to and from the destination, you waste precious time and effort that could be put to further growing your business or at least finishing your workload before your weekends!

E-commerce deliveries in Singapore

Most E-commerce companies would need to keep the costs reasonable so that they can still maintain a healthy profit margin per product that they deliver to their customers. Therefore, if the costs were too high, the business would fail. However, the good thing is that as your business grows, the cheaper the delivery services would be because most courier companies charge much cheaper prices for companies with a high volume of deliveries per month.

Although Singapore may be considered small and densely populated, delivering hundreds and thousands of goods to your customers is no laughing matter. There are lots of logistics matters that has to be taken into consideration when you are doing that. Therefore, it is much easier to simply outsource everything for a still reasonable price. Save your time and put that extra time that you have into growing your business more and doing the things that actually matter and will help you get your business to where you need it to be.

Different levels of courier services in Singapore

If you understand courier services versus postal services, then you should know that courier services are one level higher than postal services, in terms of delivery speed, convenience and accountability to customers. Courier services are seen as premium delivery solutions for retail and commercial customers. There are different levels of Singapore courier service which are segmented by their delivery speeds.

1. Urgent class courier service
Urgent class courier service is the most premium courier service, simply because the delivery speed required is the shortest. For urgent class courier service, the customers will usually require the courier delivery to be completed within one to two hours. This means that the delivery will have to be completed within two hours of the delivery order. There are certainly quite a bit of demand for urgent class services in Singapore. Customers have various reasons for their desperate need to get the delivery completed. For example, customers want to send a confidential document or cheque to their client or supplier urgently who cannot wait any longer. Prices for urgent class Singapore courier service are between twenty to fourth dollars on average.

2. Same day courier service
Same day courier service is the next tier of courier service. This is the most common courier service that is being demanded in the market. As the name suggests, the delivery will have to be completed within the same day, usually by 6 P.M. which is the closing time for most companies in Singapore. Prices for same day courier service are between ten to thirty dollars on average.

3. Next day courier service
Next day courier service is the net tier of courier service, below the same day courier service. Delivery will have to be completed within the next day, usually by 12 P.M. or 3 P.M. Prices for next day courier service are between five to twenty five dollars on average.

4. Same week courier service
Finally, there is also the same week courier service, which is the lowest tier of courier service. Usually for same week courier service, delivery can be completed anytime during the week, just as long as the delivery is done within the same week. Due to the much higher flexibility, prices for same week courier service are between five to fifteen dollars on average.

Comparing Hiring A Deliveryman And Engaging Courier Services

Hiring a deliveryman may be the first thought of most old school business people in Singapore, but it’s not the most efficient way of operations and doing business in Singapore today.

To improve business operations, it is important to focus on what the company does best, e.g. its competitive advantage. For most other things, outsourcing can provide you an overall better return. This is because for things in which a company does not have a competitive advantage, it is highly likely that another company probably can do it more efficiently and cheaper than you can do it for. This means that you can get more done at a lower cost – and this is certainly the case with outsourcing logistics solutions in Singapore.

When you hire a deliveryman, you would need to get the hiring manager to first go through the process of recruiting people and job applicants by putting out job ads. Next, you would need to interview all of the selected job applicants and waste at least 1 entire day or week on it. This is a colossal waste of time for most businesses – you cannot afford to lose time. Additionally, you would still need to pay his or her salaries even if your delivery volume fluctuates a lot. This means that you might make a loss on certain months with lower delivery volume. Also, you would need to pay CPF and other employee related benefits.

On the other hand, if you were to engage a courier company’s services in Singapore instead, there isn’t much you need to worry about. Right from the start, the courier company will be handling all things related to your deliveries as well as any employee related issues. All you will receive is simply courier services once you pay them… some courier companies even allow for post paid accounts so that is great. Most good courier companies like PCA Masters and Network Courier have both bike couriers as well as van drivers, so there is no need to worry about your parcel or fragile item deliveries, as they’ll simply grab their van drivers to do the delivery for you instead.

A good courier company must possess these features

There are many small and medium sized courier companies in Singapore. Competition is really tight and the courier market share seems to be evenly divided among the companies. In order to move ahead of the competition, these courier companies need to have some competitive advantage over their peers. Here are some of the features that I think a good courier company must possess.

1. Speed
Speed is of the essence in deliveries. It can be a really good thing for the courier company if it is well known in the market for its superior delivery speed compared to its peers. This could draw more customers who have urgent class delivery services to the company. Besides that, customers who had experienced slow deliveries with other courier companies may switch over to the courier company too. A particular courier company in Singapore that provides really speedy deliveries is PCA Masters. They provide quick deliveries in as fast as half an hour. Sometimes, even though customers told PCA Masters that their parcels can be delivered anytime before 6 P.M. on the same day, PCA Masters may be able to deliver it within an hour if the courier is near the destination.

2. Price
A good courier company needs to offer a good price to the customers too. The customers must feel that the courier services are value for money. The standards of courier services in Singapore are quite similar. Hence, the prices should be around the same. If customers find a particular courier company charging too high a price, they will switch to other courier companies.

3. Care
A good courier company must also take appropriate care of all the items received from the customers. Reasonable safety measures must be in place to ensure the safety of the items, to prevent them from being damaged or misplaced. Such incidents will definitely affect the reputation of companies.

If a courier company possess all these features above, then it can be considered a well managed courier company in the market.

Singapore Courier Services Versus Postal Services

Many layman do not understand the difference between sending an item or items via post (e.g. SpeedPost) versus a private courier service in Singapore. For the people who know there are private courier services in Singapore, they mistakenly think that it is expensive. I shall clarify these misconceptions about Singapore’s courier industry once and for all.

First of all, courier companies in Singapore such as PCA, Regent and Network offer concierge level services (e.g. picking up of items from sender and delivering it to recipient by hand) at the prices only slightly more than that of SpeedPost’s services (which few use nowadays with increasingly better courier services in Singapore). If you want to offer specialized services to your customers or business partners, use a private courier service to save you time and provide your recipient with a better and improved impression of you.

Second of all, you will not need to travel and / or queue at places such as the post office. That is time wasting and a huge disadvantage to the busy executive or entrepreneur among us. I have never liked waiting at the post office – complete waste of time and I couldn’t do much in public on my phone as well (e.g. limited call abilities because it can be quite noisy with kids running around at times).

Third of all, with courier services in Singapore, I get notified by the courier company e.g. Regent or PCA Masters once my items get delivered to the intended recipient. Even in the event that the delivery was unsuccessful for whatever reason, the courier company will notify me and find out my preferred next step. NONE of this is the case with SpeedPost. Basically, if you want accountability, go with a private courier company like PCA.

Finally… seriously? Do you need to read this far to realize the benefits in which courier services provide you over Speedpost? Just use a courier service already and you will thank me and love that decision!