Choosing A Good Singapore Courier Company

Picking a good courier services company (e.g. for your company’s needs and requirements is a very important task for you, because couriers are usually tasked to courier and handle very important items and documents on behalf of other companies. This is especially the case when it comes to law firms and medical companies, where the items are of high significance (among several other companies and industries as well).

Here are some advice on helping you pick the ideal courier company for your company’s needs.

  1. First of all, most companies will only courier documents and items which needs to be urgently delivered to the recipient within the same day or perhaps within 1 or 2 hours. Items (parcels or documents) without any time constraints would usually be delivered by a personnel from the company or mailed out by snail mail since there is no urgency. If this sounds like what your company needs, then make sure to go with a same day as well as urgent courier delivery company in Singapore, and not a mass distribution or E-commerce distribution company, as they usually perform deliveries over the next 3 days (at any working hour in between the next 2-3 working days). This is very important. Companies like PCA Masters, Regent, e.t.c. would be suitable for you.
  2. Next of all, it’s very easy to compare rates and reviews of companies online. In my opinion, reviews are the most important when it comes to courier services (because of the high importance of the items being couriered and delivered on behalf of most firms), while rates come in a very close second. Why do I think that reviews are important? This is because most websites and firms will say how they’re the number 1, but in reality, what customers think is the most important. If a company states they’re the number 1, but reality says otherwise, then it wouldn’t be too wise of a decision to go and outsource your courier deliveries with that particular Singapore courier firm.
  3. Third of all, it’s ideal that you test out the services of a particular Singapore courier company first before actually engaging them. This is because you want to make sure that they’re on time, keep to their service standards and have a relatively fast customer support turnaround time. The last thing you want to do is to dive into a partnership with a local courier firm with horrible punctuality and more than terrible customer service.

Alright, with the above tips, you should do great in finding yourself a good Singapore courier company for your deliveries.