Different levels of courier services in Singapore

If you understand courier services versus postal services, then you should know that courier services are one level higher than postal services, in terms of delivery speed, convenience and accountability to customers. Courier services are seen as premium delivery solutions for retail and commercial customers. There are different levels of Singapore courier service which are segmented by their delivery speeds.

1. Urgent class courier service
Urgent class courier service is the most premium courier service, simply because the delivery speed required is the shortest. For urgent class courier service, the customers will usually require the courier delivery to be completed within one to two hours. This means that the delivery will have to be completed within two hours of the delivery order. There are certainly quite a bit of demand for urgent class services in Singapore. Customers have various reasons for their desperate need to get the delivery completed. For example, customers want to send a confidential document or cheque to their client or supplier urgently who cannot wait any longer. Prices for urgent class Singapore courier service are between twenty to fourth dollars on average.

2. Same day courier service
Same day courier service is the next tier of courier service. This is the most common courier service that is being demanded in the market. As the name suggests, the delivery will have to be completed within the same day, usually by 6 P.M. which is the closing time for most companies in Singapore. Prices for same day courier service are between ten to thirty dollars on average.

3. Next day courier service
Next day courier service is the net tier of courier service, below the same day courier service. Delivery will have to be completed within the next day, usually by 12 P.M. or 3 P.M. Prices for next day courier service are between five to twenty five dollars on average.

4. Same week courier service
Finally, there is also the same week courier service, which is the lowest tier of courier service. Usually for same week courier service, delivery can be completed anytime during the week, just as long as the delivery is done within the same week. Due to the much higher flexibility, prices for same week courier service are between five to fifteen dollars on average.

Singapore Courier Services Versus Postal Services

Many layman do not understand the difference between sending an item or items via post (e.g. SpeedPost) versus a private courier service in Singapore. For the people who know there are private courier services in Singapore, they mistakenly think that it is expensive. I shall clarify these misconceptions about Singapore’s courier industry once and for all.

First of all, courier companies in Singapore such as PCA, Regent and Network offer concierge level services (e.g. picking up of items from sender and delivering it to recipient by hand) at the prices only slightly more than that of SpeedPost’s services (which few use nowadays with increasingly better courier services in Singapore). If you want to offer specialized services to your customers or business partners, use a private courier service to save you time and provide your recipient with a better and improved impression of you.

Second of all, you will not need to travel and / or queue at places such as the post office. That is time wasting and a huge disadvantage to the busy executive or entrepreneur among us. I have never liked waiting at the post office – complete waste of time and I couldn’t do much in public on my phone as well (e.g. limited call abilities because it can be quite noisy with kids running around at times).

Third of all, with courier services in Singapore, I get notified by the courier company e.g. Regent or PCA Masters once my items get delivered to the intended recipient. Even in the event that the delivery was unsuccessful for whatever reason, the courier company will notify me and find out my preferred next step. NONE of this is the case with SpeedPost. Basically, if you want accountability, go with a private courier company like PCA.

Finally… seriously? Do you need to read this far to realize the benefits in which courier services provide you over Speedpost? Just use a courier service already and you will thank me and love that decision!