Different levels of courier services in Singapore

If you understand courier services versus postal services, then you should know that courier services are one level higher than postal services, in terms of delivery speed, convenience and accountability to customers. Courier services are seen as premium delivery solutions for retail and commercial customers. There are different levels of Singapore courier service which are segmented by their delivery speeds.

1. Urgent class courier service
Urgent class courier service is the most premium courier service, simply because the delivery speed required is the shortest. For urgent class courier service, the customers will usually require the courier delivery to be completed within one to two hours. This means that the delivery will have to be completed within two hours of the delivery order. There are certainly quite a bit of demand for urgent class services in Singapore. Customers have various reasons for their desperate need to get the delivery completed. For example, customers want to send a confidential document or cheque to their client or supplier urgently who cannot wait any longer. Prices for urgent class Singapore courier service are between twenty to fourth dollars on average.

2. Same day courier service
Same day courier service is the next tier of courier service. This is the most common courier service that is being demanded in the market. As the name suggests, the delivery will have to be completed within the same day, usually by 6 P.M. which is the closing time for most companies in Singapore. Prices for same day courier service are between ten to thirty dollars on average.

3. Next day courier service
Next day courier service is the net tier of courier service, below the same day courier service. Delivery will have to be completed within the next day, usually by 12 P.M. or 3 P.M. Prices for next day courier service are between five to twenty five dollars on average.

4. Same week courier service
Finally, there is also the same week courier service, which is the lowest tier of courier service. Usually for same week courier service, delivery can be completed anytime during the week, just as long as the delivery is done within the same week. Due to the much higher flexibility, prices for same week courier service are between five to fifteen dollars on average.

A good courier company must possess these features

There are many small and medium sized courier companies in Singapore. Competition is really tight and the courier market share seems to be evenly divided among the companies. In order to move ahead of the competition, these courier companies need to have some competitive advantage over their peers. Here are some of the features that I think a good courier company must possess.

1. Speed
Speed is of the essence in deliveries. It can be a really good thing for the courier company if it is well known in the market for its superior delivery speed compared to its peers. This could draw more customers who have urgent class delivery services to the company. Besides that, customers who had experienced slow deliveries with other courier companies may switch over to the courier company too. A particular courier company in Singapore that provides really speedy deliveries is PCA Masters. They provide quick deliveries in as fast as half an hour. Sometimes, even though customers told PCA Masters that their parcels can be delivered anytime before 6 P.M. on the same day, PCA Masters may be able to deliver it within an hour if the courier is near the destination.

2. Price
A good courier company needs to offer a good price to the customers too. The customers must feel that the courier services are value for money. The standards of courier services in Singapore are quite similar. Hence, the prices should be around the same. If customers find a particular courier company charging too high a price, they will switch to other courier companies.

3. Care
A good courier company must also take appropriate care of all the items received from the customers. Reasonable safety measures must be in place to ensure the safety of the items, to prevent them from being damaged or misplaced. Such incidents will definitely affect the reputation of companies.

If a courier company possess all these features above, then it can be considered a well managed courier company in the market.