Exploring A Career in Singapore’s Logistics Industry

Are you piqued by the allure of working in one of the busiest industries in South-East Asia and Singapore? Then logistics is a must go to career path for you! Even though Singapore is known for its vast financial services, the volume of logistics business that flows through it is vastly greater and powers most of Singapore’s entire GDP. After all, one of the key reasons why Singapore is financially successful is because it is used as a shipping port by many companies around the world, and used as a logistics headquarter to deliver goods into various parts of South-East Asia.

In my opinion, the logistics and delivery industry is one of the most interesting ones ever, and is quickly being forced to develop better and quicker solutions. This is because the volume of products and goods that needs to get sent in this Internet-enabled age is increasing at a near exponential rate.

If you’re a person who cannot take stress, then perhaps deliveries, courier services and logistics is not suitable for you. It’s a very fast paced and competitive industry, and only the very best and dominant can survive in it – both companies and employees.

In any case, you might want to hear it from people on the ground, check out the video below.

As you can see, Singapore has tons of goods flowing through and within it every single day. If money never sleeps on Wall Street, logistics never sleep in Singapore. People work throughout the day and night in this busy and fun environment. There is nothing more exciting than logistics, and a career in this area would definitely be a tough challenge for many newcomers and business executives in small to large firms. The above video is a series of 5 films, so you might to check all of them out before making your decision. Hope we helped!

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